Top 10 Things Work Force's EAP Can Do For An Employer:

  • Having an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in place provides your company with a competitive edge in attracting the most desirable employees. "Best in Class" organizations all have a comprehensive EAP in place that goes far beyond an 800 number that people can call.
  • Having an EAP as a resource to help reduce the stress levels of your employees will help your staff become more courteous, creative, focused, safer and energetic in their work. Your organization will be more efficient, productive, and competitive as a result.
  • Having an EAP should reduce your production costs. One estimate is that if just 5% of employees used EAP, the result would be a monetary savings of 3.45% of payroll for reduced absenteeism and improved productivity from troubled employees.
  • Having an EAP should affect your turnover costs. According to one estimate, 65-80% of terminations result from personal or interpersonal factors, not because folks can't perform their work. An EAP can help employees address those personal or interpersonal matters before they get to the point where termination becomes necessary.
  • Having an EAP provides an organization with an objective resource that can provide useful feedback about how the organization impacts those who work for it, at every level of the organization, while respecting the privacy of those using the program.
  • Having an external EAP provider means that an organization may very well benefit from the experience of an EAP with a broad range of organizations, and employee populations. External EAP's are cross fertilizers.
  • Having an EAP offers employees a concrete example of how an organization cares about their well-being and the well-being of their households. This can be particularly true in hard times when other benefits may not be possible because of high costs.
  • Having an EAP provides supervisory staff with a resource that can help them learn and enhance skills and deal with troubled employees without feeling like they're in over their heads, or feeling like they are providing counseling without a license.
  • Having an EAP can positively affect organizational safety. Folks with untreated alcohol or drug issues are more likely to have accidents, so are their spouses. Folks facing physical abuse at home are also distracted and at risk for accidents at work. Offering stressed and troubled employees help through an EAP may very well save them from injury or worse. EAP is a safety tool.
  • Having an EAP may help stimulate much needed change in an organization: in how discipline is handled, in how supervisors spend their time, in how interpersonal(teamwork) skills are considered in evaluations, in how job descriptions are written, and in how members of the organization respond when fellow employees experience hard times, at home or work.

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