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Drug and Alcohol testing is provided by Affiliated Drug Testing Services For additional information, contact Debbie Dalzell or Angela Emerson at 800-648-2727


Since 1989, Affiliated Healthcare Systems (AHS) has been coordinating the delivery of drug testing services in compliance with both State rules and regulations and Federal D.O.T. standards (FHWA, FAA, USCG, RSPA, FTA, etc).

To serve our customers alcohol and drug testing requirements, AHS has developed an outstanding "partnership" with LabCorp, a nationally certified DHHS/SAMHSA approved drug-testing lab, which provides comprehensive drug testing services.

AHS is a trainer of breath alcohol technicians. In addition, AHS is a member of The Drug and Alcohol Testing Institute (DATIA) and Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA).

AHS currently provides drug and alcohol testing services to over 700 companies with locations in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. AHS prides itself on the fact that it is one of the few providers who truly offers a FULL package of services which include:
  • One invoice which covers all fees for a urine drug test
  • Computerized random testing pools for individual companies and large consortium; - DHHS/SAMHSA approved laboratory
  • Large network of qualified collection/testing sites throughout the U.S.
  • In case of accidents, sites that are available 24 hours a day
  • Network of Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) to evaluate and assist employees who test positive
  • Supervisory and employee training as well as educational materials - Medical Review Officer services
  • Blind sample submission
  • Full service Employee Assistance Program
  • Policy and procedure consulting
  • Access to AHS by calling its 800 number
  • Statistical reports
AHS has a network of over 18,000 collection sites throughout the U.S. In addition, AHS can also establish a relationship with the sites in which you are already currently working with.

AHS can create an individual pool for customers or enter customers into its large consortium. Customers have the option of having selections made on a monthly or quarterly basis. AHS has a computerized program, which generates the selections based on the customer’s preference. Regardless if generated quarterly or monthly, AHS generates and sends (via confidential mail) to the customer a "random notification form" which shows those employee(s) who have been selected for random drug and alcohol tests that cycle along with an “employee verification” form.

AHS will send kits and chain of custody forms to each collection/testing site(s) the customer plans to use. In addition, AHS will send chain of custody forms to its customers to have on hand in case a collection/testing site runs out by accident. AHS works closely with all collection/testing sites that its customers use. At the time AHS brings on a new customer, it sends out pertinent account information to each site such as address, phone, contact person, who to send chain of custody forms to, how to order supplies, who to bill, who to contact in case of an alcohol positive, etc.

In accordance with federal regulations, AHS conducts regularly scheduled supervisory training at various locations, which are open to all of its customers. The supervisory training meets the required two-hour training DOT requires on "reasonable suspicion" testing. In addition, AHS can conduct on-site training at its customer's location(s). NOTE: For AHS EAP customers, this mandated training can be part of your EAP training modules.

AHS has developed a vast network of DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) to evaluate and assess employees who test positive.

As it relates to urine drug test results, LabCorp’s system is designed to provide 24 hour reporting of all screened negative immunoassays. The results of the confirmation of screened positives are generally available within 48 - 72 hours.

In addition to email, fax and mail options, urine drug test results can be accessed by customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by dialing into the Result Telephone Reporting Systems' 800 number. Instructions on the "Result Telephone Reporting System" are enclosed.

LabCorp provides AHS' customers, at no additional charge, the preparation of litigation packages and expert witness testimony as may be reasonably required to support employment actions. (Customary/reasonable travel expenses are invoiced at cost).

AHS recognizes that drug and alcohol testing regulations can be overwhelming. AHS does whatever it takes to take the burden off you. One phone call to our 800 number puts you in touch with our experienced, knowledgeable staff. We encourage our customers to call us at ANYTIME we can be of assistance and to look to us as their one source to handle all matters as it relates to their testing services.

With AHS' bundled billing program, customers aren't flooded with billings from multiple providers. Customers receive only one monthly invoice, which includes all fees associated with a urine drug test. One check covers all costs for urine testing including: laboratory initial screening and GC/MS confirmation, collection/testing site fees, Medical Review Officer services, overnight courier of urine specimens, blind sample submission, chain of custody, statistical reports.


DOT Testing:

Drug Testing:
Complete drug testing services which includes the cost to collect the urine specimen, chain of custody, initial screening/ GC/MS confirmation lab test, Medical Review Officer services, blind sample submission, overnight courier of specimen to lab, and lab statistical reports.

Random Selections:
Customers have the option of AHS creating an individual random pool or being entered in to its large consortium. Customers also have the option of monthly or quarterly selections. AHS' computerized selection program will generate random notification forms to be sent to the customer.

Supervisory Training:
Includes two hours of instruction meeting requirements of federal D.O.T. "reasonable" suspicion training for supervisors. Provided twice a year in select locations. In addition, can be provided on-site at the customer’s request.

Employee Education:
AHS can provide informational booklets meeting the general education requirements of Subpart F:382.601. In addition, upon request, AHS can conduct on-site employee education.

Substance Abuse Professional Services:
In the event an employee tests positive, customers have access to AHS’ network of qualified Substance Abuse Professionals to provide evaluation and assessment, per DOT regs.

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